About Alma Exley

Alma Exley was a dedicated, caring educator who touched many people from all walks of life. She made a lasting contribution as a teacher, a school board member, and a 15-year career professional at the Connecticut Department of Education.

Before she died of breast cancer on March 6, 1995, at the age of 52, Alma envisioned a scholarship program as a way to carry on her commitment to recruiting and mentoring students of color who would become teachers.

Alma was committed to helping students and future teachers overcome the effects of discrimination and inequality of opportunity. She was widely respected for her work in expanding opportunities for students and for her leadership in teacher education and professional recognition and development programs. Children were central to her life, as a mother, a friend and an educator. She believed that nurturing the next generation was our most important responsibility.

The Alma Exley Scholarship Program is carrying on that legacy.