Alma’s Enduring Legacy

David Obedzinski, president of the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain, presented the following remarks at the reception honoring Isabella “Ivy” Horan on May 9, 2019 at the Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford.

In 1997, a signed agreement and an initial gift of $10,000 to the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain, which was then called the New Britain Foundation for Public Giving, established the Alma Exley Scholarship Fund. 

David Obedzinski

Inspired by Alma’s life lessons, and I quote…“her experiences as an educator helping others – particularly women and those of color – to lead a life of bringing justice to the world and to right the wrongs of the past.” …she asked that this scholarship take root – it was her wish, and it represents her ongoing and lasting work. 

Alma is here with us today. She is with each and every Alma Exley Scholarship Recipient. She’s with them as they hear the good news of their award, as they study and learn how they can make a difference, as they discover how they can apply that knowledge, as they think about how they can inspire others as Alma inspires us today, and she is with us as we gather in settings such as this.

The Alma Exley Scholarship and all that it represents is the essence of what makes a community foundation effective in our communities. 

A need is identified; a person or persons work with us to establish resources and inspire others to contribute; the fund helps us address that need; and we are inspired by those who benefit from it. 

This is a legacy we are so proud to be associated with.

In 1997, this Alma Exley Scholarship began with $10,000. Today, the fund is approaching $170,000, and dozens of students have benefitted from its awards and are tremendous examples of Alma’s spirit and drive to help others.

Thank you to Alma, Woody and the family for entrusting us with this very special scholarship. Thank you to the individuals who make gifts to this fund throughout the year. Congratulations to this year’s recipient, Ivy, and thank you for the opportunity to address you this evening. It is an honor for our community foundation to be associated with this fund.  Thank you.