Sacha Kelly Lends Her Talent to Black Lives Matter Murals

Sacha Kelly, whom we honored in 2009, has joined with other artists to paint Black Lives Matter murals on Trinity Street in Hartford and at Town Hall in Bloomfield.

Sacha Kelly

The Hartford resident is a mathematics teacher at the Academy of Science and Innovation, a magnet school in New Britain run by the Capitol Region Education Council (CREC).

Black Lives Matter mural at Bloomfield Town Hall

“If all lives truly did matter,” she told the Courant, “we wouldn’t need the movement because we wouldn’t be attacked with policies, practices and policing. This message needs to be put out so those who are in support can see it and those that are not can see this is the time, we matter, and the movement is not going away.”

Her husband, Khaiim, the rapper known as Self Suffice, also participated in the projects. He told the Courant, “All of these artists are people who work on their craft, but they’re also a teacher, a social worker, in some way a guest artist in our schools. don’t know any one of them who doesn’t work with youth.”

Sacha Kelly’s letter in Bloomfield mural

At the Hartford mural’s unveiling, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said, “It’s a beautiful thing to see artists coming from across our state to create this mural. The words are powerful and right, and the mosaic style is beautiful. We’re proud to partner with the community to make this happen.”

Sacha Kelly, in white dress, with her husband, Khaiim, with artists in Hartford and Mayor Luke Bronin, far right.

Congratulations to Sacha Kelly for lending her talents to this civic work of art which conveys a significant and heartfelt message.

Aerial view of Black Lives Matter mural on Trinity Street, Hartford, near Bushnell Park
  •  Woody Exley